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We Malaysian are CRAZY! Love to jalan-jalan cari makan even if need to drive all the way to Penang for the best Mee Mamak! Siao laaa Walao weh!!! We Malaysian are also LAZY…. Now you can goyang kaki because we bring you the BEST of Georgetown right to your belakang rumah! All this with a semmeh onz gourmet twist.

We are extra extra special because we got NO MSG and we use gempak ingredients instead of the chekai ones.

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4 Live Stations

Goreng-goreng Station
Char Kuay Teow
Mee Mamak
Kuali Rice Station

No MSG and 100% Natural Ingredients.

Our Setup

Wok Masters | Transportation |

4 Station Setup | Plate ware | Cutlery | Customized Menu

Add Ons Available

Canopy | Table & Chairs | Cocktail Tables | Cigar | Hick’s St Bar Full Bar Service | Servers

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